About Dlivery

The Dlivery Ecosystem provides one decentralized Food Order System for all: Food Sharing, Restaurants and Cooks with a takeaway or delivery service.

As many Restaurants faceing problems with high fees for orders using centralized online delivery services, Dlivery can connect People with Restaurants using Smart Contracts and minimize costs for both, Customer and Restaurants. Public Blockchains like Ethereum can replace traditional middle man businesses with Smart Contracts generating the layer of trust.

The Dlivery Token Ecosystem provides a way to reduce fees and enables all Restaurants to bundle their power of marketing instead of doing SEO for each webshop separately. Consumers benefit from low prices through lower fees and transaction costs.

Every Consumer using the decentralized online food delivery service can now rely on trustful reputations of Restaurants with a forgery-proof Rating System using Blockchain Id.

Nowadays most of all Food Orders coming from online services provided by centralized companies taking nearly half of the earnings of every Restaurant using their service!


Why Blockchain is needed?

Trustful Reputation

Protect users with a forgery-proof rating system through blockchain id


Disrupt the power of centralized entities taking huge percentages from restaurants for using their service

Synergy Effect

Boost the search ranking of one single food ordering system for all restaurants with shared SEO & marketing through the bundled power of the network effect

Less Fees

Minimize costs using fast and secure transactions with a reliable and transparent payment system

Food Order System

Fiat and Crypto Payments

Use Dlivery Token to benefit from discounts provided by the dlivery crypto ecosystem or just use fiat money like you used for traditional delivery services.

Reward & Bonus

Restaurants paying less fees when using the Dlivery ecosystem and Consumers can get rewarded for voting on restaurants.

mobile app

People and Cooks all around the world can offer and order food on the decentralized dlivery platform and benefit from the advantages of cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain Identity

Preventing the problem with fake reviews through a blockchain identity rating system.


With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.